Monday, February 4, 2008

Cycling Madness!!!

Through the ice and tundra, wailing winds and cold of Alaska, the Alaska Wabid Wabbits (Anchorage, AK) forged their way onward to claim “First to the 5,000 Mile Benchmark” in the first four days of competition!

The blazing sun and heat of the Arizona desert that would daunt the ordinary, found the GAGE Triathlon Club, (Phoenix, AZ) with the highest accumulated Bike Mileage at 24,103.1 over the 31 days of competition, and finishing up with the #1 position in total Club Overall Team mileage with an incredible 29,783.25 miles!

The amazing San Diego T1 club team brought in 25,653.31 total miles for the month to claim the Second place position. While the perseverance and no whining attitude of yet another Anchorage team, the Alaska Biting Bunnies, accumulated 23,428.04 to round out the top three in Overall Biking Miles accumulated for January 2008.

Individual winner for biking the most miles goes to Greg Freeman of the Alaskan Biting Bunnies with 2,117.7 miles!

All of these athletes deserve a round of applause for their creative endeavors, battling nature’s extremes, to commit to their training programs. Rumor has it that all are having a good time, too!

Monday, September 24, 2007

USAT National Challenge Competition Starts December 1st

As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, bikes become one with trainers, relationships with treadmills are rekindled, and suddenly it is not quite so appealing to jump in the pool and knock out those laps.

As crazy as triathletes are, even the winter days can deter many triathletes from training and competing. And USAT will stop at nothing to foster that competitive edge year-round.

That is why the National Challenge Competition is back with a vengeance for the second year and will kick off on December 1st!

The NCC will last for three months (December 2007 through February 2008) and is composed of three separate month-long sessions. Each session will focus on one of the three disciplines of a triathlon and will have a benchmark for each athlete to reach. In December the focus is swimming, in January it is cycling and in February it is running. The first club to beat the benchmark will earn first prize for that session. That club will also receive 10 entries into the overall session prize raffle.

There will be additional individual awards as well as club runner-up prizes allotted throughout the competition. The club awards will vary with club size and mileage. Prizes and awards will be announced closer to the beginning of the NCC.

Registration is on Clubs should appoint one person to be the liaison with USAT. To sign up, the club liaison should visit the Race Tracker site. Club members can sign up with the club liaison and the liaison will enter their information online. If you don’t belong to a club, or your club isn’t taking part in NCC and you are a USAT member, you can compete in the individual category of the competition.

If your club likes to train, likes to compete and is good at trash-talking, you won’t want to miss out on the National Challenge Competition. Not only is it a great way to fuel your competitive fire through the dead cold of winter, but it is a chance to “race” against the rest of the country in the comfort of your own facilities. Get your club signed up today. And remember, USAT has the cure for your winter training blues! For official rules and procedures, visit our website: